The earth is burning. The gulf between rich and poor is widening. Millions of people are being forced from their homes by war, poverty and tyranny.

We all play our parts in making the world what it is. But above all, this destruction is driven by the world’s elites – billionaires, corporations, politicians – in their lust for wealth and power.

To keep their grip on power, they use bombs, guns, drones and teargas. And they use the old strategy of ‘divide and rule’. Media empires feed us a stream of propaganda. We are divided into races, nations and religions, and told to hate and fear each other.

If we want another future, we have to break through these divisions, grow our strength and solidarity and link up to fight our real enemy.

One simple but important step is communication. We need to reach out and talk to each other across borders, across identities. We need to share information and ideas – and our dreams.

With this in mind, this blog will publish and share information in plain English, trying to avoid elitist or academic jargon. If we can, we will publish information in other languages as well.